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School Timetables

School Bus Services

The simplest way to plan your trip to or from a local school is on the Transport  website at: using the Trip Planner  where door to door journeys can be planned instantaneously. Alternatively, you can call the Transport  helpline on 131 500.

Details of specialised trips operated by Transit Systems to or from local schools can be viewed on the individual School Travel Advice Sheets below. Please ensure you arrive at your bus stop at least five minutes prior to the bus departure time.

Students travelling on buses must have a valid School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) card issued in their name or pay the correct cash fare. School Opal cards must be tapped on at the start of every journey and tapped off at the end. Applications for the SSTS (School Opal) card can be made at: or call 131 500.

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You can select your schools timetable from the list below.

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